A Beginner's Guide to Separation Anxiety
Jo van Hoogmoed

A Beginner's Guide to Separation Anxiety

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Portia Weaver's life is ... complicated. An imminent career end and that outrageous swap-o-rama scheme devised by her narcissistic ex-husband, the man she still idolizes, and his immune-to-observation wife.

And let's not forget those despicable dognappers, a cat with murderous intent, to-die-for international desserts, conspiring weasels, cycling ladies, a budding love-interest potter, and the unexpected arrival of a greyhound who just happens to talk ... human. As Portia stumbles through complications and obligations, the latter, as dictated by the dog, both human and canine, eventually discover 'that something' they've always wanted but never thought to expect.

Publisher: Tellwell Talent