Height: 5.3 Inches, Length: 7.3 Inches, Width: 1.1 Inches
Tracy Arrington, Matthew Frederick

101 Things I Learned® in Advertising School

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The Advertising Industry Is Fast Paced And Confusing, And So Is Advertising School. This Installment In The 101 Things I Learned Series Is For The Student Lost In A Sea Of Jargon, Data, And Creative Dead-ends. One Hundred And One Illustrated Lessons Offer Thoughtful, Entertaining Insights Into Consumer Psychology, Media, Audience Targeting, Creativity, And Design, Illuminating A Range Of Provocative Questions: Why Is Half Of Advertising Bound To Fail? Why Should A Mug In An Ad Be Displayed With Its Handle To The Right? How Did The Ban On Cigarette Advertising Create More Smokers? Why Do People Fall For Propaganda? When Doesn't Sex Sell?--

Publisher: Crown