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Amanda Lang

The Beauty of Discomfort: How What We Avoid Is What We Need

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Truly sucessful people don't merely tolerate discomfort-- the embrace it and seek it out again and again. Business founders and university students, top athletes and couch potatoes, mediatation gurus and military leaders all have very different ways of coping with discomfort, but the successful among them believe that withstanding discomfort is a skill that has helped them in hugely positive ways. Some were forced into discomfort through no choice of their own--a life-altering illness, a business fiasco-- while others signed up for it because they had goals they were determined to acheive. Some degree of discomfort in inherently good for you. It can spur you on, pushing you to test your own limits. Learning to tolerate, and then embrace, discomfort is the foundation for change, for individuals and businesses alike. Becoming comfortable with discomfort won't just make us more resilient and more successful, it will also make us happier. --front book cover flap. Benefits of discomfort -- reframing discomfort -- the mindset factor -- rejecting discomfort -- the comfort of control -- discomfort of reinvention -- a majority of one -- the discomfort of ambiguity -- the importance of trust -- finding the meaning. Amanda lang. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Publisher: Collins