Height: 11.25982 Inches, Length: 8.89762 Inches, Weight: 1.0361726314 Pounds, Width: 0.43307 Inches
Rob Biddulph


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Penguin blue is back, in a swashbuckling new adventure about pirates, treasure, and friendship! A pirate hat. A sunny day. For penguin blue a game to play. Your favourite penguin and his friends are back in a new adventure, and this time theyâe(tm)re pirates âe arrrrr! Sailing the seven seas in search of treasure, captain blue and his friends are unexpectedly sunk! But with a shipwreck to explore and a mysterious stranger on a desert island to meet, they might still find some treasure after allâe¦ the fourth book from the award-winning, bestselling picture book star rob biddulph.

Publisher: HarperCollins