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Karma Wilson

Animal Strike at the Zoo. It's True!

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there's an animal strike at the zoo!

oh no, oh my!

what's a zookeeper to do when the lions and tigers and bears refuse to roar and prowl and growl? And when little sue, who has been waiting all year for this trip to the zoo, enters the gate, will the animals decide to give their strike a break?

karma wilson's fun, playful text paired with margaret spengler's bright and lively pastels create an unforgettable, irresistible zoo of chaos and fun!

ken marantz and sylvia marantz - children's literature

yes, it's true! The zoo animals declare they have had enough. Jolly rhymes describe how the elephants, monkeys, leopards, etc. , refuse to act, while the zebras are painting over their stripes and the giraffes are knitting turtlenecks to cover their necks. Since nobody wants to go to the zoo just to see the animals in bed, the zookeeper tries to give the elephants a raise, from peanuts to pecans, and the monkeys a kiddy pool; but they are still not happy. Then, sweet little sue arrives, having begged for a year to come to the zoo. When she sees no action, she begins to cry. Watching her, the animals go totally wild. Sue is really happy, while the animals realize that they really like what they usually do. The delighted zookeeper reports the end of the strike. Meanwhile, at the circus. . . This lighthearted verse is illustrated across double pages with pastels, which help to emphasize the decorative qualities of the animals. It is hard not to smile at the antics; just look at those knitting giraffes. The animals resemble stuffed toys with human expressions; everyone finally has fun. 2006, harpercollins publishers, and ages 4 to 8.

Publisher: HarperCollins