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Jess Walter

The Cold Millions: A Novel

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Orphans gig and rye dolan don't have a penny to their names. The brothers work grueling, odd jobs each day just to secure a meal, and spend nights sleeping wherever they can with other day laborers. Twenty-three-year-old gig is a passionate union man, fighting for fair pay and calling out the corrupt employers who exploit the working class. Eager to emulate his older brother, rye follows suit, though he can't quite muster gig's passion for the cause. But when rye's turn on the soap box catches the eye of well-known activist and suffragette elizabeth gurley, he is swept into the world of labor activism-and dirty business. With his brother's life on the line, rye must evade the barbaric police force, maneuver his way out of the clutches of a wealthy businessman-and figure out for himself what he truly stands for. The cold millions is a stunning portrait of class division and familial bonds. In this masterful historical take on the enduring saga of america's economic divide, jess walter delivers nothing less than another literary miracle (npr)--

Publisher: Harper