vii, 323 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Rob Dunn

Never Out Of Season: How Having The Food We Want When We Want It Threatens Our Food Supply And Our Future

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A Biologist Explains How The Scientific Breeding Of Our Food Supply Into Only The Hardiest And Tastiest Varieties Has Made These Crops Susceptible To Mother Nature And Discusses How A Single Bug Or Virus Can Now Cause A Massive Collapse,--novelist. A Banana In Every Bowl -- An Island Like Ours -- The Perfect Pathological Storm -- Escape Is Temporary -- My Enemy's Enemy Is My Friend -- Chocolate Terrorism -- The Meltdown Of The Chocolate Ecosystem -- Prospecting For Seeds -- The Siege -- The Grass Eaters -- Henry Ford's Jungle -- Why We Need Wild Nature -- The Red Queen And The Long Game -- Fowler's Ark -- Grains, Guns, And Desertification -- Preparing For The Flood -- Epilogue: What Do I Do? Rob Dunn. Includes Bibliographical References (pages 265-310) And Index.

Publisher: Little, Brown And Company