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Stephen Westaby

Open Heart: A Cardiac Surgeon's Stories of Life and Death on the Operating Table

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When Stephen Westaby Witnessed A Patient Die On The Table During An Open Heart Surgery For The First Time, He Was Struck By The Quiet, Determined Way The Surgeons Walked Away. As He Soon Understood, This Detachment Was A Crucial Survival Strategy. In A Profession Where Failure Is Literally A Heartbeat Away And The Cost Of That Failure Is Death, How Else Could He Live With The Consequences Of His Performance? In Open Heart, Westaby Reflects On Over 11,000 Surgeries, Showing Us Why The Procedures Have Never Become Routine And Will Never Be. Dr. Westaby Recounts The Stories From His Operating Room: We Meet A Pulseless Man Who Lives With An Electric Heart Pump, An Expecting Mother Who Refuses Surgery Unless The Doctors Let Her Pregnancy Reach Full Term, And A Baby Who Gets A Transplanted Heart -- Only To Die Once It's In Place. The Ether Dome -- Humble Beginnings -- Lord Brock's Boots -- Township Boy -- The Girl With No Name -- The Man With Two Hearts -- Saving Julie's Heart -- The Black Banana -- Domino Heart -- Life On A Battery -- Anna's Story -- Mr. Clark -- Adrenaline Rush -- Despair -- Double Jeopardy -- Your Life In Their Hands. Stephen Westaby. Includes Index.

Publisher: Basic Books