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Simms Taback

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

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everyone knows the song about the old lady who swallowed a fly, a spider, a bird, and even worse, but who's ever seen what's going on inside the old lady's stomach? With his inventive die-cut artwork, simms taback, illustrator of the road builders gives young readers a rollicking, eye-popping version of the well-loved poem. Full color.

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in taback's (joseph had a little overcoat) ingenious take on the cumulative tale, there's a die-cut hole where the old lady's stomach should be, so the audience can see where everything she swallows ends up. What's more, the hole grows bigger to accommodate the increasing gastro-populationby the tale's end, it's the size and shape of the horse that causes her demise. The digested wide-eyed animals float in a confetti-dusted space (which matches her dress), while everything about the elderly woman's exterior is equally askew, including the pupils in her eyes. Older children should get a kick out of the amusing asides liberally tucked into every spread. For example, there are bogus front page headlines ("lady wolfs down dog" screams one); a recipe for "spider's soup"; editorial comments by the menagerie and taback himself ("even the artist is crying," says a small caricature of taback when she meets her gluttonous end); as well as factual information (various types of flies, birds or dogs are clearly labeled and paired with accurate pictures). The gleefully dizzy mood is intensified by taback's use of black hand-lettered words set in blocks of bright colors laid atop orange or black backgrounds, and occasionally sprinkled with collage images (whose sources range from old field guides to the wall street journal). Children of all ages will joyfully swallow this book whole. All ages. (sept. )

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers