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Dr. Danielle Martin

Better Now: Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians

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An important check-up on our health-care system--and what urgently needs fixing--from a respected doctor and passionate medicare advocate. Dr. Danielle martin sees the cracks and challenges in our health-care system every day. Much like atul gawande, she uses real patient stories to illustrate what works in our health-care system and what doesn't. Most importantly, she proposes bold fixes that are both achievable and affordable. Ahmad is a diabetic taxi driver who can't afford to renew his prescriptions; jill, a 75-year old patient who went to emergency for severe flu symptoms, ended up with a broken hip from falling down in her hospital room and then was discharged without her blood pressure meds. Sam was an active, healthy retiree who suffered a stroke from an unnecessary heart test. All of these people suffered from fixable and preventable issues that illustrate how canadians' health needs to be better managed. And it can be done without increasing spending. One of the most urgent reforms she advocates for is a national pharmacare program, instead of the piecemeal provincial pattern of buying drugs. Canada could save billions if drugs were bought in bulk by a single body, which in turn could fund a national prescription program. Patients also need a regular gp instead of overusing hospital emergency clinics. Hospitals need to take into account a patient's overall medical history, at every stage from admission to discharge. And since poverty is the greatest predictor of ill health, dr. Martin argues that a guaranteed income could prevent and alleviate many health problems, reducing pressure on the system and our wallets. Passionate, accessible, and authoritative, dr. Martin is a fervent supporter of the best of medicare and a persuasive critic of what needs fixing. --

Publisher: Allen Lane