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Beth Powning

The Sister's Tale: A novel

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A novel of orphans and widows, terror and hope, and the relationships that hold us together when things fall apart. With murder dominating the news, the respected wife of a new brunswick sea captain is drawn into the case of a british home child whose bad luck has turned worse. Mortified that she must purchase the girl in a pauper auction to save her from the lechery of wealthy townsmen, josephine galloway finds herself suddenly the proprietor of a boarding house kept afloat by the sweat and tears of a curious and not completely compatible collection of women, including this english teenager, flora salford. Flora's place in her new family cannot be complete until she rescues the missing person in her life, the only one who understands the trials she has come through and fresh horrors met since they were separated years before. Reconnecting with characters of beth powning's beloved the sea captain's wife, the sister'stale is a story of women finding their way, together, through terrible circumstances they could neither predict nor avoid, but will stop at nothing to overcome.

Publisher: Knopf Canada