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Richard Holmes

The D-Day Experience: From the Invasion to the Liberation of Paris

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d-day, the largest amphibious invasion in history, took place on june 6, 1944. The subsequent battle of normandy involved over a million men from america, canada, britain, france, poland, and germany, and helped seal the fate of hitlers third reich. This book, published to celebrate the 60th anniversary of d-day, is a graphic account of the planning and execution of operation overlord, as well as the campaign that effectively destroyed the german forces in france and opened the way for the allied advance to holland, belgium, and into germany itself. Written by one of britains best-known and respected military historians, professor richard holmes, and including a wealth of firsthand accounts, the d-day experience contains 30 facsimile items of d-day memorabilia integrated into the pages of the book. The reader can relive this momentous period of 20th century history by holding and examining maps, diaries, letters, sketches, secret memos and reports, posters, and labels that up until now have remained filed or exhibited in the imperial war museum and other north american archives. In addition, the accompanying cd contains 60 minutes of firsthand veteran accounts from american, canadian, and british troops.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing