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Stephen J. Harper

Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption

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In This Brilliant And Timely New Book, Stephen Harper, The 22nd Prime Minister Of Canada, Rallies His Fellow Conservatives At Home, In The United States, And Around The World To Understand And Adapt To The Often Contradictory Movements Of Globalization And Populism. The World Is In Flux. Disruptive Technologies, Ideas, And Politicians Are Challenging How We Thought About The Economy, Society, And Politics. How We Respond Matters Greatly. We Must Get It Right For Our Long-term Stability, Social Cohesion, And Prosperity. Some Voices Propose That We Look The Other Way And Double Down On The Status Quo. Others Propose Radical Change To Public Policy, Governance, And Our Societies. Neither Effectively Responds To The Growing Concerns Expressed By Working-class People Across The Developed World. In This New Book, Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Sets Out A Positive And Thoughtful Alternative. He Argues That We Must Apply Old Thinking To New Challenges Or, As Ronald Reagan Once Put It, Go Back To The Past Way Of Facing The Future. One Might Call It Applied Conservatism. Drawing On His Training As An Economist And His Experiences As A Global Leader For Nearly A Decade, Harper Analyzes How Economic, Social, And Political Trends--including Globalized Movements Of Capital, Goods And Services, And Labour--have Affected Working-class Citizens. The Story Is Mixed. There Has Been Some Good And Some Bad. Donald Trump's Surprising Election And Rising Populist Movements Across The Globe Signal That Policymakers Must Better Respond To The Negative Consequences Of These Powerful Forces. Harper Sets Out A Vision Of Populist Conservatism As The Best Framework For Such A Historically-rooted Yet Forward-looking Agenda. He Calls On Conservatives In Particular And Policymakers In General To Eschew Ideology And Instead Draw On The Ideas And Institutions That Have Worked In Past And Can Be Refined And Reformed For The Future. His Prescriptions Cover Trade, Markets, Immigration, Business Practices, The Role Of The Nation State, And So On. The Book Sets Out Concrete Steps For Business And Political Leaders To Take In Order To Address Working-class To Interests, Aspirations, And Concerns, And Ultimately Ensure That Our Economies And Societies Remain Strong And Dynamic In The Age Of Disruption.--

Publisher: Signal