Height: 7.97 Inches, Length: 5.26 Inches, Weight: 0.7 Pounds, Width: 1.11 Inches
Susan Wiggs

The Apple Orchard (The Bella Vista Chronicles, 1)

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Tess delaney makes a living restoring stolen treasures to their owners. People like annelise winther, who has just been reunited with her mother's long gone necklace, worth a sum that could change her life. To annelise, whose family was torn apart during wwii, the necklace represents her history, and the value is in its memories. But tess's own history is filled with gaps: a father she never met, a mother who spent more time traveling than with her daughter. Then the enigmatic dominic rossi arrives on her san francisco doorstep with the news that the grandfather she never knew is in a coma and that she's destined to inherit half of his apple orchard estate called bella vista. The rest is willed to isabel johansen, the half-sister she didn't know she had. With dominic and isabel by her side, tess discovers a wworld where family comes first and the roots of history run deep. A place where falling in love is not only possible, but inevitable. And in a season filled with new experiences, tess begins to see the truth in something annelise once told her: if you don't believe memories are worth more than money, then perhaps you've not made the right kind of memories. Wiggs deftly weaves a narrative that takes the reader from present day california to denmark during wwii to tell a story of family ties both old and new -- and the moments that connect our hearts.

Publisher: MIRA