Height: 6.9098287 Inches, Length: 4.82 Inches, Weight: 0.5 Pounds, Width: 1.0401554 Inches
Debbie Macomber

Finally You

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For two couples, discovering each other means finally finding love no competition local architect shayne reynolds is an art collector, but when it comes to carrie lockett, he's as interested in the artist as he is in her california landscapes and stunning portraits. The talented and reclusive carrie, however, rejects his overtures, but she won't tell him why. . . Even though he knows she returns his feelings. All things considered single mom lanni matthiessen has worked hard to make a nice life for her daughter. She never expected to see her trouble-magnet ex, judd, ever again. So why did it feel so right to lanni when judd walked back into her life? And why did she agree to accompany him to the matthiessen ranch when all it could do was bring back dangerous memories?

Publisher: MIRA