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Janet Nolan

A Father's Day Thank You

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harvey the bear searches for the perfect father's day present and decides that thanking his dad is the best gift of all.

children's literature

this touching book is the story of a young child (from a bear family) looking for the perfect gift to give his father for father's day. While searching for his gift, he asks his older siblings for advice and hears the reasons behind the gifts they give him. During the day, the father makes breakfast, fixes a bicycle tire, and even helps with a scraped knee. The end of the book is a surprise because of what the child decides to get for his father. The illustrations are rich with color and design. The graphics are also quite clever, with several things only adults will understand. For example, the shirt the father bear is wearing has a honey bee design. This is the perfect book to have around the house for father's day. Children reading this book will grasp the concept of giving their father a gift he will enjoy for that special day.

Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company