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John Kilaka

True Friends: A Tale from Tanzania

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only rat knows how to make fire, and he generously provides it to all the other animals. When his best friend, elephant, suggests that rat store his food in elephant’s solid house, rat agrees. But when the drought comes, elephant refuses to share the stored food. “you are tiny, and you don’t need much,” he says. “so go away. ” when the other animals return to fetch their fire, rat is gone and elephant is worried. What will his betrayed friend do? John kilaka brings a traditional tanzanian animal fable to life with gentle humor, vibrant color, and memorable characters.

kathie m. Josephs - children's literature

the title hooked me before i started reading the book. Friendship is important at all ages, and a true friend is hard to find. This delightful tale from tanzania is about a rat and an elephant who become best friends. Rat is always busy gathering and storing grain and elephant is always relaxing and having fun. Elephant tells rat that he would be happy to store the grain at his house because it is larger and sturdier. So rat moves all his food to his friend's house. When the rains do not come one season and food is scarce, rat goes to his friend's house to get some grain. Elephant says, i am big and need lots of food. Now go away and leave me alone. As the story progresses, rat disappears and elephant becomes alarmed and sets out to find him. During his search he has an accident and must go to the hospital. After returning home, he feels alone, guilty, and cannot sleep—he knows he has lost his best friend. I will not tell you more because it would spoil the ending. This is a warm, beautiful tale about forgiveness and friendship. It also teaches a wise lesson. The illustrations are fantastic and endear the animals to all who read this tale. This is a perfect read-aloud book, one that will be requested over and over again. I highly recommend this book. 2004, groundwood books, ages 4 to 9.

Publisher: Groundwood Books