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Ian K. Smith

The Truth About Men: The Secret Side of the Opposite Sex

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Debunks popular beliefs to reveal what today's men think about such topics as commitment, beauty, sex, and relationships, counseling women on how to understand a man's needs and motivations in order to promote more fulfilling relationships. The first principle: the subtle art of hooking us -- the second principle: be a freak, but not a freak of the week -- the third principle: mean what you say or don't say it -- the fourth principle: shell out the cash, some of the time -- the fifth principle: sex in the morning -- the sixth principle: your body is truly our temple -- the seventh principle: keep your hand off our triggers -- the eighth principle: avoid the emotional circus -- the ninth principle: don't believe the hype -- the tenth principle: let men be men. Ian k. Smith.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press