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Anna Kendrick

Scrappy Little Nobody

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A Collection Of Whimsical Autobiographical Essays By The Academy Award-nominated Actress And Star Of Up In The Air Recounts Memorable Milestones From Her New England Upbringing To The Blockbuster Films That Have Made Her One Of Hollywood's Most Popular Actresses, --baker & Taylor. At The Ripe Age Of Thirteen, Kendrick Had Already Resolved To Keep The Crazy Inside My Head Where It Belonged. Now She Invites Readers Inside Her Brain, Recounting The Absurdities She's Experienced On Her Way To And From The Heart Of Pop Culture. From Her Double Life As A Middle-school Student Who Also Starred On Broadway To Her Rise Dazzling On The Stage And Screen, We Enter Her Sharp And Sweet, Funny And Serious (well, Not That Serious) World. My Double Life -- Origin Story -- Jaded Old Chorus Girl -- Hell, Thy Name Is Middle School -- Camp -- The Mayor Of Squaresville -- Leaving The Nest -- A Little Night Music -- Moving To La -- Boys -- Boys And The Terror Of Being Near Them -- I Guess We're Doing This, Or How Does This Scene End? -- He's Just Not That Interesting -- Guys In La -- Hollywood -- Fashion -- Making Movies Is A Fool's Errand -- Twilight -- Big Breaks -- Award Shows -- Scrappy Little Nobody -- My Grandmother's Funeral -- Fake Parties I Have Planned With The Detail Of A Real Party -- Batten Down The Hatches -- The World's Most Reluctant Adult -- Scrappy Little Nobody. Anna Kendrick.

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