Could It Happen Here?: Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit
Michael Adams

Could It Happen Here?: Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit

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From award-winning author michael adams, could it happen here? Draws on groundbreaking new social research to show whether canadian society is at risk of the populist forces afflicting the rest of the world. In vote after shocking vote, western publics have pushed their anger to the top of their countries' political agendas. The votes have varied in their particulars, but their unifying feature has been rejection of moderation, incrementalism, and the status quo. Britons opted to leave the european union. Americans elected donald trump. Far-right, populist politicians channeling anger at out-of-touch elites are gaining ground across europe. Amid this roiling international scene, canada appears placid, at least on its surface. ^ as other societies retrench, the international media have taken notice of canada's welcome of syrian refugees, its half-female federal cabinet, its acceptance of climate science and mixed efforts to limit its emissions, the absence of a prominent hard-right ethno-nationalist movement. After a year in power, the centrist federal government continues to enjoy majority approval, suggesting an electorate not as bitterly split as the ones to the south or in europe. As sceptics point out, however, brexit and a trump presidency were unthinkable until they happened. Could it be that canada is not immune to the same forces of populism, social fracture, and backlash that have afflicted other parts? Our largest and most cosmopolitan city elected rob ford. ^ conservative party leadership hopeful kellie leitch proposes a canadian test for immigrants and has called the trump victory exciting. Anti-tax demonstrators in alberta chanted lock her up in reference to premier rachel notley, an elected leader accused of no wrongdoing, only policy positions the protesters disliked. In could it happen here? , pollster and social values researcher michael adams takes canadians into the examining room to see whether we are at risk of coming down with the malaise affecting other western democracies. Drawing on major social values surveys of canadians and americans in 2016--as well as decades of tracking data in both countries--adams examines our economy, institutions, and demographics to answer the question: could it happen here? -- michael adams. Includes bibliographical references and index. Issued also in electronic format.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster