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Paulette Bourgeois

Franklin's Friendship Treasury

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this franklin treasury is a wonderful collection all about friendship.

children's literature

this is a heartwarming collection of four classic franklin stories that focus on the meaning of friendship. Franklin has a sleepover describes how the little turtle considerately helps his friend bear to be comfortable at his first sleepover, which occurs at franklin's house. Franklin's bad day shows how franklin feels mad and sad because his friend otter moved away. He feels much better after he creates and sends a scrapbook for his friend. In franklin's new friend, franklin befriends his new classmate moose, which he finds big and scary at first, but soon realizes how intimidated young moose must feel in the new environment. When franklin and a few of his friends create franklin's secret club, his other friends feel left out and create a club of their own. Now, franklin is the one who feels left out, but in the end, the two clubs combine into one big club and sure enough, everybody is welcome. A valuable book that cherishes friendship and gently teaches children the importance of being caring and considerate towards their friends. Truly a treasure! 2000, kids can press,

Publisher: Kids Can Press