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Andrew Larsen

The Imaginary Garden

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in this wondrous picture book bursting with mixed-media art, an imaginary garden is the center of a special relationship between a girl and her grandfather.

children's literature

theo loves her poppa's garden, and is concerned when he moves to an apartment and has to leave it. Since poppa says it will be too windy on his balcony for real flowers, theo suggests an imaginary garden. When spring arrives, poppa puts a big blank canvas on the balcony. With paint they build a stone wall and create soil. Poppa paints crocuses and scilla coming up, and adds a visiting robin. When poppa goes on holiday, he leaves theo in charge. She adds blossoms in many colors and eagerly awaits his return. This delightful imaginative story combines sketchy black ink drawings with particularly colorful multimedia collages for illustrations. The decorative iron fence on the balcony makes a fine contrast for the great canvas that becomes the garden. There is a logic to the way it grows, with paints added in time for the crocuses and then tulip bulbs, while vines cover the stone, for a sense of magic to the colorful creation. The love between theo and her grandfather is evident. If only a real garden were as easy to establish and flood with blooms as this one! Reviewer: ken marantz and sylvia marantz

Publisher: Kids Can Press