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Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

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To Make The Journey Into The Power Of Now We Will Need To Leave Our Analytical Mind And Its False Created Self, The Ego, Behind. From The Beginning Of The First Chapter We Move Rapidly Into A Significantly Higher Altitude Where One Breathes A Lighter Air, The Air Of The Spiritual. Although The Journey Is Challenging, Eckhart Tolle Offers Simple Language And A Question And Answer Format To Guide Us. The Words Themselves Are The Signposts. The Book Is A Guide To Spiritual Awakening From A Man Who Has Emerged As One Of This Generation's Clearest, Most Inspiring Teachers. Eckhart Tolle Is Not Aligned With Any Particular Religion But Does What All The Great Masters Have Done: Shows That The Way, The Truth, And The Light Already Exist Within Each Of Us. Author's Preface To The Paperback Edition -- Introduction: The Origin Of This Book ; The Truth That Is Within You -- You Are Not Your Mind: The Greatest Obstacle To Enlightenment ; Freeing Yourself From Your Mind ; Enlightenment : Rising Above Thought ; Emotion : The Body's Reaction To Your Mind -- Consciousness : The Way Out Of Pain: Create No More Pain In The Present ; Past Pain : Dissolving The Pain-body ; Ego Identification With The Pain-body ; The Origin Of Fear ; The Ego's Search For Wholeness -- Moving Deeply Into The Now: Don't Seek Your Self In The Mind ; End The Delusion Of Time ; Nothing Exists Outside The Now ; The Key To The Spiritual Dimension ; Accessing The Power Of The Now ; Letting Go Of Psychological Time ; The Insanity Of Psychological Time ; Negativity And Suffering Have Their Roots In Time ; Finding The Life Underneath Your Life Situation ; All Problems Are Illusions Of The Mind ; A Quantum Leap In The Evolution Of Consciousness ; The Joy Of Being --^ Mind Strategies For Avoiding The Now: Loss Of Now : The Core Delusion ; Ordinary Unconsciousness And Deep Unconsciousness ; What Are They Seeking? ; Dissolving Ordinary Unconsciousness ; Freedom From Unhappiness ; Wherever You Are, Be There Totally ; The Inner Purpose Of Your Life's Journey ; The Past Cannot Survive In Your Presence -- The State Of Presence: It's Not What You Think It Is ; The Esoteric Meaning Of Waiting ; Beauty Arises In The Stillness Of Your Presence ; Realizing Pure Consciousness ; Christ : The Reality Of Your Divine Presence --^ The Inner Body: Being Is Your Deepest Self ; Look Beyond The Words ; Finding Your Invisible And Indestructible Reality ; Connecting With The Inner Body ; Transformation Through The Body ; Sermon On The Body ; Have Deep Roots Within ; Before You Enter The Body, Forgive ; Your Link With The Unmanifested ; Slowing Down The Aging Process ; Strengthening The Immune System ; Let The Breath Take You Into The Body ; Creative Use Of Mind ; The Art Of Listening -- Portals Into The Unmanifested: Going Deeply Into The Body ; The Source Of Chi ; Dreamless Sleep ; Other Portals ; Silence ; Space ; The True Nature Of Space And Time ; Conscious Death -- Enlightened Relationships: Enter The Now From Wherever You Are ; Love/hate Relationships ; Addiction And The Search For Wholeness ; From Addictive To Enlightened Relationships ; Relationships As Spiritual Practice ; Why Women Are Closer To Enlightenment ; Dissolving The Collective Female Pain-body ; Give Up The Relationship With Yourself --^ Beyond Happiness And Unhappiness There Is Peace: The Higher Good Beyond Good And Bad ; The End Of Your Life Drama ; Impermanence And The Cycles Of Life ; Using And Relinquishing Negativity ; The Nature Of Compassion ; Toward A Different Order Of Reality -- The Meaning Of Surrender: Acceptance Of The Now ; From Mind Energy To Spiritual Energy ; Surrender In Personal Relationships ; Transforming Illness Into Enlightenment ; When Disaster Strikes ; Transforming Suffering Into Peace ; The Way Of The Cross ; The Power To Choose. Eckhart Tolle. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 231).

Publisher: New World Library/Penguin Random House USA