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James McWilliams

Eating Promiscuously: Adventures in the Future of Food

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The human practice of farming food has failed. There are 7,500 known varieties of domesticated apples; we regularly eat about five. Seventy-five percent of the world's food derives from five animals and twelve plants. Factory farmed meat is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions (about 14 percent, larger than transportation) and consumes 75 percent of the water in drought-prone regions such as the west. We are struck in a rut of limited choices, ad the vast majority of what we eat is detrimental to our health and the welfare of the planet. But what if we could eliminate agriculture as we know it? What if we could start over? James mcwilliams's search for more expansive palate leads him to those who are actively exploring the fringes of what we can eat, a group of outliers seeking nutrition innovation outside the industrial food system. Here, we meet insect manufacturers, seaweed harvesters, road kill foragers, plant biologists, and oyster farmers who seek to open both our minds and our mouthsand to overturn our most basic assumptions about food, health, and ethics. --jacket flap. The bonobo diet -- the paradox of abundance -- no farmers, food -- democratizing protein -- the tao of trash -- underwater treasures -- dead meat -- becoming promiscuous. James mcwilliams.

Publisher: Counterpoint