Height: 8.5700616 Inches, Length: 5.77 Inches, Width: 0.69 Inches
Daniel Handler

All the Dirty Parts

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Cole Is A Boy In High School. He Runs Cross Country, He Sketches, He Jokes Around With Friends. But None Of This Quite Matters Next To The Allure Of Sex. Let Me Put It This Way, He Says. Draw A Number Line, With Zero Is You Never Think About Sex And Ten Is, It's All You Think About, And While You Are Drawing The Line, I Am Thinking About Sex. Cole Fantasizes About Whomever He's Looking At. He Consumes And Shares Pornography. And He Sleeps With A Lot Of Girls, Which Is Beginning To Earn Him A Not-quite-savory Reputation Around School. This Leaves Him Adrift With Only His Best Friend For Company, And Then Something Startling Starts To Happen Between Them That Might Be What He's Been After All This Time-and Then He Meets Grisaille. Daniel Handler.

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA