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Sujata Massey

The Satapur Moonstone (A Perveen Mistry Novel)

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The highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed novel the widows of malabar hill. India, 1922: it is rainy season in the lush, remote sahyadri mountains, where the princely state of satapur is tucked away. A curse seems to have fallen upon satapur's royal family, whose maharaja died of a sudden illness shortly before his teenage son was struck down in a tragic hunting accident. The state is now ruled by an agent of the british raj on behalf of satapur's two maharanis, the dowager queen and her daughter-in-law. The royal ladies are in a dispute over the education of the young crown prince, and a lawyer's counsel is required. However, the maharanis live in purdah and do not speak to men. Just one person can help them: perveen mistry, bombay's only female lawyer. Perveen is determined to bring peace to the royal house and make a sound recommendation for the young prince's future, but she arrives to find that the satapur palace is full of cold-blooded power plays and ancient vendettas. Too late, she realizes she has walked into a trap. But whose? And how can she protect the royal children from the palace's deadly curse?

Publisher: Soho Crime