Height: 9.2 Inches, Length: 7.1 Inches, Weight: 0.8 Pounds, Width: 0.5 Inches
Rémy Simard

Simone: Even More Monstrous!

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Simone, a sweet, rosy-cheeked little girl, and morris, a green, googly-eyed monster, are back for more adventures! When simone first entered morris's world in simone: the best monster ever, she struck terror in monsters' hearts. There, the rules are turned upside down--flowers, puppies, and good behavior are the stuff of nightmares, and all things scary and icky are adored. In this book, simone continues to navigate the topsy-turvy world of monsters, where stars poop, giant gorillas drink giant milkshakes, and monsters eat their friends. Each page in this comics collection tells a joke, conversation, or mini-story featuring simone and morris. Bold, vibrant cartoon art and speech bubbles with plenty of sound effects create punchlines that are simple to grasp, making this a fun, relatable pick for emergent readers seeking an entry point to graphic novels. --

Publisher: Owlkids