The Gardens of Consolation
Parisa Reza

The Gardens of Consolation

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In the early 1920s, in the remote village of ghamsar, talla and sardar, two teenagers dreaming of a better life, fall in love and marry. Sardar brings his young bride with him across the mountains to the suburbs of tehran, where the couple settles down and builds a home. From the outskirts of the capital city, they will watch as the qajar dynasty falls and reza khan rises to power as reza shah pahlavi. Into this family of illiterate shepherds is born bahram, a boy whose brilliance and intellectual promise are apparent from a very young age. Through his education, bahram will become a fervent follower of reformer mohammad mosaddegh and will participate first-hand in his country's political and social upheavals. --amazon. Com havva, the innocence of hell -- gohar, the child's mother's angel -- mahine, a woman's pleasure -- firouzeh, a wise man's dream -- elaheh, goddess of shipwrecked souls. Parisa reza ; translated from the french by adriana hunter. Translated from the french.

Publisher: Europa Editions