Unveiling Summer Magic: Five Captivating Books Your Teen Will Adore

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Are you seeking exciting books that will keep the young adults in your family hooked all summer? We've done the legwork and compiled a list of five irresistible novels that will transform your teen's summer into a riveting literary adventure. 

  1. First on our list is the profound novel, "My Heart Underwater" by Laurel Flores Fantauzo. This enchanting coming-of-age tale follows Corazon, a young woman grappling with her identity and sexuality after a scandal at home prompts her to journey from San Francisco to the Philippines. Fantauzo's meticulous narrative beautifully captures Corazon's transformation as she navigates this new environment and confronts her inner demons. Engaging and filled with rich cultural insights, "My Heart Underwater" is a must-read that will leave your teen deeply touched.
  2. "The Voting Booth" by Brandy Colbert is a relevant, timely read. It recounts the story of Marva, a girl committed to social justice, and Duke, a first-time voter, who meet at the polls. What unfolds is an unforgettable day of mishaps, camaraderie, and the palpable excitement of a youth's first election. Colbert's engaging storytelling, coupled with the book's focus on civic responsibility, makes this a compelling read for any teen.
  3. If your teen has a flair for culinary stories, "Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food and Love" should be on their reading list. This anthology serves up an irresistible mix of food-centric narratives. Each tale takes readers on a journey of love, loss, and the universal language of food. The diverse cultures and mouth-watering dishes depicted are sure to tantalize your teen's literary palate.
  4. "Gravity" by Sarah Deming is a captivating book that interweaves sports and personal struggle. It introduces readers to Gravity Delgado, a teenager battling the hardships of poverty while striving to become an Olympic boxing champion. Deming's vivid depiction of Gravity's fierce determination and resilience is both inspiring and heart-wrenching. This book is a powerful testament to the human spirit and a testament to the transformative power of perseverance.
  5. "Panic" by Sasha Dawn is a gripping thriller that will keep your teen on the edge of their seat. When Marnie begins experiencing panic attacks at the same time a young girl goes missing, she must confront her past and unlock buried memories to solve the mystery. Dawn's riveting writing and relentless suspense make this an addictive summer read.
  6. Finally, Nicola Yoon's "Everything, Everything" is a tender tale of first love and discovery. It narrates the story of Maddy, a girl allergic to the world, and Olly, the boy next door who wants to show her it. Yoon’s beautiful storytelling and the novel's unique premise will engross your teen from start to finish.

Each of these books promises to transport your teen to vividly painted worlds of discovery, love, adventure, and resilience. And the best part? These titles are available at a fraction of their original price on Kindreads.com, all in excellent condition.

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